Tuesday, August 31, 2010

About this blog...

I am going to use this blog, to post stuff that I like and maybe recommend some stuff too. Not going to stick to any specific area, it's gonna be random =)

Survival of the Dead

When it comes to zombies, George A. Romero is the undisputed king. And while his Diary of the Dead movie wasn't great, we'll still watch anything his name is attached to. Luckily, Survival of the Dead is more of a return to what the big man does best. This flick takes place on a small island, where two crazy families fight the dead and each other. There is a ton of action and all the gore that you'd expect from the master himself. Watch it. Love it. Then make sure your zombie survival bunker is fully stocked with weapons and canned beans.

Bushnell Backtrack Point

GPS can literally save your skin if you're the outdoor adventure type. But, you don't always need a huge GPS rig to guide your way. The Backtrack Point>5 lets you store up to five locations in latitude and longitude coordinates. The simple interface is impossible to screw up when navigating and the weather-resistant body can take a beating from mother nature without giving up the ghost. The high-sensitivity uBLOX GPS receiver gets strong, consistent signals and the whole thing runs on 2 AAA batteries that you can swap out on the fly. You can also keep track of time, temperature and altitude, which will still be handy even if you're not an adventurer, but rather a guy who often fogets where he parked his car.